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Baron Nashor

What the F.A.Q.?!

#124 written by Administrator Sa Okt 27, 2018 6:43 pm
What the F.A.Q.?!Quick questions and ambiguities in every way.
Please use this thread to ask short questions. Everything that needs no discussion but can be answered quickly can be found here. This saves space and is clearer.

Some questions will be catalogued, so they don't need to be answered again and again.

F.A.Q.Q: Why can I not play certain factions and/or races like e.g. Void, Shadow Isles etc?
A: In order to make sure that the main factions have enough players, some are locked. They will be introduced with story plots at a later point.
Regarding the races, it's simply that we don't have enough information about them for example, certain tribes of the Vastaya or the Yordles and Voidborn. Once this changes through lore updates, this might change.

Q: Can I use splash arts from alternative universes?
A: No, except they are not the original splash art. If it's some fanart, feel free to use it.

Q: Why can't my vastaya be 18?
A: According to the description of the vastayan race, no vastaya has been born "in several mortal lifetimes". Assuming a human would get around 60 years, vastaya shouldn't be younger than 180 years if you want to play a really young vastaya.
Anonymous Gromp

I have a question!

#148 written by Anonymous Gromp Mi Jan 23, 2019 1:51 pm
Can I ask questions without account?
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