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Patchnotes 2019

#119 written by Administrator on Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:19 pm
Patchnotes 2019Events and Changes in 2019
Here you can find all important news regarding changes of the forum. It doesn't matter if it's a software update, a new adventure or plot, changes of the template or ingame events. About all this you can read here. Keep checking this topic to stay up to date with the current version.

Table of Content0. Pre-2019
1. January
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Re: Patchnotes 2019

#147 written by Primrose on Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:22 am
Pre-2019Origin Story & basic stuff behind the scenes
Heya, Guest!

While this thread is intended to be for upcoming information, I want to use it for now as a little post mortem, to see a first milestone.

In 2018 mostly basic stuff happened. Everything related to the design & functionality was done, from color picking, over an overall idea to implementing. Installation of a word counter, account switch (thanks, Yoshi! ♥️), and a couple of Javascripts that make your life easier: local text storage, code selection, header image exchanger, and more ~
Of course there was the entire creation of all existing categories and some topics, of which few are still missing.
And than, the information collection and selection started. First guides were posted, have finished and work in progress and then 2019 showed already up.

I'm going to post on a monthly basis, to display activity and progress.
Thanks for your support!

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Re: Patchnotes 2019

#161 written by Primrose on Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:51 pm
Januarymonthly progress
Hello Guest!

First of all I'd like to thank @Atgo and @hamdepaf for their support. As a thank you, I reward the two of you with a special badge, which anyone else who would like to help will receive as well.

PoromailThe Poromail works like a letterbox. It was created for the purpose of contacting the entire staff. While a PM only can be received by a single person and can lead to missing information at some point, the Poromail ensures that everyone gets the memo.
It's purpose is for anonymous feedback, ideas, events or concepts.
⇨ Check out the Poromail

GuidesThis month we started working on old and new guides. While Atgo primarily proofreads the Religion thread, hamdepaf provided a complete Flora and Fauna guide.
Myself is calculating wildly on traveling times from one place to the other and started to create a thread with realistic traveling times.
Last but not least the forum was provided with a basic How to guide, which contains information like rules, ratings and other important things. And additionally I added a Color Tags guide for those of you that are not too familiar with HTML/CSS but want to have a good looking application or posts.

Other Features & DesignTo enhance the League of Legends feeling, the profile next to posts looks now like your ingame lobby banner. While it holds your basic info like avatar, name, posts and experience it also has special badges which will be used in the future for special events. Also, it shows your prestige because you can level up your rank by being an active poster.

The ranks align with the ranked division feature, so you can work your way up from being Unranked (0 posts) up to Challenger (10k posts).

Ranking Stats:
Rank: Posts
Unranked: 0
Iron IV: 5
Iron III: 25
Iron II: 50
Iron I: 75
Bronze IV: 100
Bronze III: 125
Bronze II: 150
Bronze I: 200
Silver IV: 250
Silver III: 310
Silver II: 370
Silver I: 430
Gold IV: 500
Gold III: 625
Gold II: 750
Gold I: 875
Platinum IV: 1000
Platinum III: 1250
Platinum II: 1500
Platinum I: 2000
Diamond IV: 2500
Diamond III: 3100
Diamond II: 3700
Diamond I: 4300
Master IV: 5000
Master III: 5625
Master II: 6250
Master I: 6875
Grandmaster IV: 7500
Grandmaster III: 8000
Grandmaster II: 8500
Grandmaster I: 9000
Challenger: 10000

Last but not least, I still have a few features on my list that I want to implement, so stay tuned for convenient costume BBCodes for easy using, a "Which stuff is currently online" widget, an more fancy stuff to make your stay in this board as awesome as possible.

Best regards,
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Re: Patchnotes 2019

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