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Traveling Times

#158 written by Administrator on Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:57 pm
Traveling TimesDistances & Realistic traveling
This guide will help you to understand realistic traveling. Its primary purpose is to prevent a sceneplay in Noxus, just to have another scene two hours later in Shurima, which is physically impossible for any character (except, maybe, they have the ability to travel through time and space). Most of these distances are meassured by traveling by ship. So the time can adjust accordingly when other methods are used (on foot, by horse, etc.)
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Noxus⇨ to Piltover Zhaun Piltover/Zaun approx.  19 days


Piltover & Zaun
⇨ to Runeterra Kumangra approx. 1 day
⇨ to Runeterra Holdrum approx. 2 days
⇨ to Noxus Trannit approx. 4 days
⇨ to Noxus Stonewall approx. 4 days
⇨ to Noxus Krexor approx. 5 days
⇨ to Noxus Ironwater approx. 5 days
⇨ to Runeterra Mudtown approx. 5 days
⇨ to Noxus (Shurima) Bel'Zhun approx. 5 days
⇨ to Noxus Qualthala approx. 6 days
⇨ to Noxus (Shurima) Tereshi approx. 6 days
⇨ to Shurima Nashramae approx. 7 days
⇨ to Noxus Vindor approx. 10 days
⇨ to Noxus Kilgrove approx. 10 days
⇨ to Noxus (Shurima) Urzeris approx. 10-11 days
⇨ to Noxus Hallgren approx. 11 days
⇨to Noxus Gloft approx. 11 days
⇨to Noxus Trevale approx. 11-12 days
⇨to Noxus Boleham approx. 12 days
⇨ to Shurima  Aurma approx. 12 days
⇨ to Noxus Basilich approx.14 days
⇨ to Runeterra Palclyff approx. 14 days
⇨ to Noxus The Drakengate approx. 15 days
⇨ to Shurima Kalamandra approx. 15-16 days
⇨ to Demacia Needlebrook approx. 16 days
⇨ to Bilgewater Bilgewater approx. 18 days
⇨ to Noxus Noxus approx. 19 days
⇨ to Demacia Dawnhold approx. 20 days
⇨ to Noxus Bloodcliffs approx. 21 days
⇨ to Demacia Demacia approx. 20 days


Bilgewater⇨ to Piltover Zhaun Piltover/Zaun approx. 18 days
⇨ to Noxus Noxus approx. 27 days
⇨ to Demacia Demacia approx. 38 days

Mount Targon

Shadow Isle

The Void / Icathia

Bandle CityNobody even knows where that is, c'mon!
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