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Runeterra's Religions

#136 written by Administrator on Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:48 pm
Runeterra's ReligionsCults and Believes
Religions in Runeterra are largely varied in every nation but several have been known to gather the most of followers. The commonly known ones are The Lamb and Wolf, where as some nations believe more in the Lamb and some more in the Wolf, The Veiled Lady with their strongest followers in the demacian area and some other deities, The Great Weaver mostly known in the northern shuriman area, The Mother Serpent commonly known in Bilgewater, The Church of the Glorious Evolved which is strong in the two city states Piltover and Zaun.
Less known Religions are the Solari and Lunari, which is limited to the very isolated Mount Targon. While the Solari are clearly dominating, the Lunari are barely known and only few.
Furthermore, there are some cults which don't really enjoy much popularity and is only known to their members. These are The Cult of the Spider,  The Disciples of the Armordillo, The Cult of the Void and The Preservers of Valoran which are kind of warring cults.

The Lamb and WolfFor as long as its people have known death, Kindred has stalked Valoran. When the final moment comes, it is said a true Demacian will turn to Lamb, taking the arrow, while through the shadowed streets of Noxus, Wolf leads the hunt. In the snows of the Freljord, before going off to fight, some warbands 'kiss the Wolf', vowing to honor his chase with the blood of their enemies. After each Harrowing, the town of Bilgewater gathers to celebrate its survivors and honor those granted a true death by Lamb and Wolf. Kindred waits for those locked in the undeath of the Shadow Isles, for they know all will eventually fall to Lamb's bow or Wolf's teeth.The earliest dated appearance of the eternal hunters is from a pair of ancient masks, carved by unknown hands into the gravesites of people long-forgotten.

The Veiled LadyThere is among a multitude of deities worshiped in Demacia. Demacians pray the deceased find a safe passage to her shortly after death.

The Great WeaverThe worship of the goddess of fate. The Shurimans, being a nomadic and simple people, have prayed to her for guidance and help in their daily lives and needs, and give and protect those in her favor. She is said to weave the threads of each and every things' fate into a magnificent tapestry, designating what has been and what shall come to be. Taliyah, the Stoneweaver is said, by her tribe elders, to have been given her powers over earth by the Great Weaver herself.

The Mother SerpentThe worship of the goddess of motion, Nagakabouros. Originating from the Serpent Isles, now known as the Blue Flame Islands, Nagakabouros still remains the reigning deity in Bilgewater. Her church is now led by her chosen Truth Bearer, Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess. The religion highly demands that you follow your desires, and make your own fate, one of the primary reasons why this faith's presence remains strong today.

Nagakabouros: Central to Buhru culture is Nagakabouros—god of life, growth, and perpetual motion. Also known as the Mother Serpent, the Great Kraken, or the Bearded Lady, she is commonly depicted as an enormous, monstrous head with many spiraling tentacles.

The Church of the Glorious EvolvedThe Church is celebrated in both Piltover and Zaun. The Glorious Evolution, views of flesh as inferior to that of steel and metal, has gathered most of the followers among the people of Zaun and has spread among other nations. An amalgamation of flesh or the total replacement of it had marked his works, incorporating techmaturgy to purge the weakness and inefficiency of the flesh. For as long as they exist, the day of the world replaced by beings of weaponized steel and metal becomes clearer with each passing day. The church gathered fragments of Viktor's philosophy and see him as a messianic figure, but Viktor couldn’t care less for them, viewing their quasi-religious cult as an aberration; another reason to eliminate emotional foibles and the belief in that which could not be empirically proven.

The SolariThe worship of the Sun as the source of all life. Solaric worship is largely made up by a special sect of Rakkorians who surrender their mantles of war in favor of greater solar devotion. Their founder and leader chose Mount Targon, being the highest peak closest to the Sun, and was blessed with the power to call down the sun's wrath. Currently, Leona, the Radiant Dawn, has taken this legend's regalia and fights to protect the helpless and the innocent.

The LunariThe worship of the Moon. The religion spoke that the world needed balance between both sun and moon to live and thrive. However, it has long since been quashed from the world and history, most likely by the Solari's hand. The Lunari's return may come to pass through the crusade waged by Diana, the Scorn of the Moon and an outcast by the Solari themselves.

The Cult of the SpiderThe Cult of the Spider has most of its followers located in Noxus and Demacia. The champion, Elise, serves as its High Priestess, traveling to and from between the two nations and the Shadow Isles, bringing her followers to live with the Spider God, Vilemaw, for eternity, or so they believe.

Vilemaw: Resembling that of an arachnid spider whose grotesque mass is furred and scabbed with wet, mutant growths. This unearthly horror is a monstrous creature that looms in the darkest pits beneath the Shadow Isles. Its true origin completely unknown, save for the assumption that the spider god is an irregular life-form not originally from the Isles.

Having great physical strength as well as magical, this entity has remained unscathed by the Black Mist, and even capable of dispelling it to some extent. With this Vilemaw has established its own dark domain upon the Isles and nesting thousands of spiderlings unhindered by haunting wraiths.
Centuries ago, Vilemaw was encountered upon by a lone Noblewoman seeking an artifact to restore her natural beauty.

The Disciples of the ArmordilloThe Disciples of the Armordillo is by far the only cult that does not have any detriments. The cult revolves around the champion, RammusSquare Rammus, whom they believe to be a god, Ascended, oracle, or something along those lines. Disciples yearly conduct ceremonies wherein they will imitate his famous roll, and somersault across their respective cities in droves. Many pilgrims roam the desert, in the hopes that they will find him and answer a single question. Knowing his cravings for sweets, they often fill all of their caravans with treats and sweets, usually finding their caravans exhausted of it all first thing in the morning.

The Cult of the Void and The Preservers of ValoranThe Cult of the Void is a cult that first began when Malzahar claimed that Runeterra will be salved by the Void. It's followers do sacrifices to the nothingness below, hoping that this keeps the holy fury of the Void in check. Opposingly is Kassadins cult, known as The Preservers of Valoran.
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