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#122 written by Administrator on Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:12 pm
TimelineHow the world came to be.
This thread should provide information about what happened at what time. It should not only help you to understand how the world came into being and what shaped it. But it should also help you to clarify the events of recent years, which have shaped your character depending on their origin.
Please note that numbers marked in bold refer only to the event in which they are named. So not all events happened in one year, then a few thousand years passed before the next events started, but the events between them have no exact date and are somewhere in between - but in the order in which they are called!
The first post refers to the genesis and the founding of today's nations and the great wars of history. The second post refers to the last 100 years of history and goes into more detail about wars.

This guide only gives an overview of when and in what order events happened. The details of the events can be found elsewhere.

OriginsEvents from the origins of the universe to the Creation of Runeterra. This time span develops over millions of eons.

⇨ Nothingness came to be.
⇨ The Watchers came to be.
⇨ The Void and the universe came to be.
⇨ The Watchers develop sentience in response another universe and formulate the goal of ending it.
⇨ Nagakabouros came to be.
⇨ Aurelion Sol and Bard came to be, alongside many other cosmic entities.
⇨ Aurelion Sol formed the first Stars.
⇨ Creation of the first Celestial beings.
⇨ Soraka came to be.
⇨ Founding of the stellar Empire of Targon.
⇨ Aurelion Sol created Runeterran Solar System.
⇨ Runeterra formed by the World Runes.

FormationEvents from the Creation of Runeterra to the emergence of Humans and human writing.

⇨ Birth of Magic on Runeterra.
⇨ Creation of Elemental Runes.
⇨ Formation of the continents of Valoran and Ionia.
⇨ Formation of the Blessed Isles.
⇨ The surface of Runeterra becomes stable enough to support the first primitive life.
⇨ Creation of the first spirits and demons on Runeterra.
⇨ Maokai came to be.
⇨ Evelynn came to be.
⇨ Tahm Kench came to be.
⇨ Emergence of the first plant life.
⇨ Emergence of the first animal life.
⇨ Creation of Terrestrial Dragons.
⇨ Creation of Yordles.
⇨ Fizz arrived on Runeterra.
⇨ Creation of the first Runeterran Civilizations beneath the Oceans and Seas such as the Guardian's Sea.
⇨ Around 8000 years ago the Firstborn came to be.
⇨ Ornn born.
⇨ Anivia born.
⇨ Volibear born.
⇨ Seal Sister born.
⇨ According to myth, Ornn terra-forms the land that will eventually be called the Freljord, as we know it today.
⇨ Creation of modern Humans.
⇨ Creation of the first human settlements across Runeterra.
⇨ Some yordle start to live openly among the hardy tribes of the northlands in what would later be known as Freljord.
⇨ Gnar arrived on Runeterra.

Ancient HistoryThese timelines of Runeterran history detail recorded events since the creation of human writing (which marks the beginning of history) to the most recent events in history.

Middle AgesEvents from the Fall of Shurima to the Founding of Zaun.
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Re: Timeline

#123 written by Administrator on Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:21 pm
Modern Historythe present time.
All events since the founding of the last, present nation to the present day.
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